The Survival of Newspapers

I was listening to PM on radio 4 the other day and interestingly, the topic was ‘can newspapers survive in a growing online market’?

I personally think yes and, the opinion of the editor and others working at the Orange County Register (Orange County coincidentally being my former hometown in California) agreed that the newspaper industry would always be relied upon and taken most seriously in the delivery of the news.

While the days of printing presses may be becoming a thing of the past, it was pointed out how: people still rely on the newspaper being delivered to their door.

Something tangible, which can be held in one’s hand – flipping through the pages, can never be forgotten or rendered obsolete and producing hardcopy newspapers would be preserved for as long as possible, was the position of one of the participants of the programme from Orange County.

Globally, I ‘strongly feel’ the hardcopy newspaper will never die. Developing countries do not have the same limitless access to the internet that we take for granted here in the West.

When I visited the Middle East for example, printing presses were still very much in operation – often providing job positions for people who are deaf, as they of decreased job opportunities.

Further to this, as we are all swept by the phenomenon of the internet, all it teaches us and exposes, how do we know we will always have it at our finger tips?

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