About Me

picture of dawn holding a microphone in front of Sheffield District Register Office, with a gentleman on the right holding the speaker for the microphone
Speaking at the Rally of the 99%: Voice of the Voiceless
January, 2012
Backed by Occupy Sheffield

Dawn Sanders

Dawn Sanders has a background in politics in the form of a B.S.C. degree in International Politics – achieved in 2007 at University of Aberystwyth, Wales. Dawn then went on to complete her Master of Arts in Journalism (with merit) in 2017, at Sheffield Hallam University.
She has been active in many grassroots groups and likes to adopt a no nonsense approach to journalism. She has engaged in: rallies, marches, participation in campaigns, conducting workshops and helping to shape party policy; she is a progressive for social and political change.
Having raised her son as a single mother with a severe visual impairment, advocating and fighting for both her and her son’s needs and rights, she is passionate in using journalism as a vehicle for providing a ‘voice for the voiceless’ disadvantaged or under-represented people.