By Dawn M. Sanders


Road in the autumn forest
Road in the autumn forest

It’s another stoney gray December day, but it hardly feels like December…

We’ve just got through yet another X-mas to the tune of: must have, must have, I need, I’d like: “well, I don’t like it, but I’ve got kids.”; My partner needs a tablet because…”  “The kids, everyone at their school has an I-pad – I’m doing them a disservice if they don’t get one too…”

After which, most of the western world still consumes and consumes in fistfuls of more and more – and boxing day – THE SALES, more more more…!

It really never stops.

In the mean time, parts of our fair island are drowning in the rath of the elements, yet what struck me on a TV report is when someone said:

“Everything, gone – a brand new three piece sweet.”

The ones suffering the most blame the government, because of the cuts in emergency measures, such as flud protection and of course they have a lot to answer for.

But, everyone seems to have quickly forgotten, apart from those of us who analyse and question it all ; ‘uh, there’s just been an environmental summit?

You know, where a lot of leaders from rich nations such as ours came together to talk a lot of rhetoric in putting measures in place to stem global warming?

As the Guardian’s James Randerson points out, the government may have agreed to not cut the solor industry by 87%, due to environmental pressure groups, but they are still cutting the industry by 65%, with 18,700 jobs it risk.

So, as parts of the UK are drowning and will drown again, no one but no one, is saying anything about the bigger picture or the cause of all the super storms and if they are, any I-told-you-so sentiment is falling on deaf ears of denial.

A friend of mine got me thinking to write this piece when she said: “I don’t like this.” In talking about how warm it is for December.

It just doesn’t feel like winter, she said, as we sat in a café catching up on life.

Of course, I agree with her.

cup Christmas winter girl

When you talk to a lot of people now, they often say, Christmas is about getting together, about family – and why not? Or, it’s for the kids.

Yet, most in the mainstream of short-sighted mediocrity, forget the pagan origins of the season.

I don’t want to go into it all in depth, but the seasons, while we still have them, are the earth taking us through the life cycle; the wheel of life we all must travel until our time on earth is finished, new life springs upon the world, thrives and grows with the light of summer and, is our earth retreats into autumn, we slow, settle and naturally need to hibernate, rejuvenate and start again.

The seasons naturally reflect life’s stages. Yet, humanity has been consumed by consuming and convenience.

It’s not ‘convenient’ to have snow, cuz you can’t drive, get to where you need to go…