Good Sleep, Bad Dream


By Dawn M. Sanders

Thought I’d grab an afternoon nap – I couldn’t relax much during my acupuncture treatment, because I felt cold, so I went upstairs and lay down for a much-needed kip.

I snuggled down under the duvet and the cat came to join me as she often does – snuggling up right next to me.

I checked the watch on my bedside table – it was nearly half 5 and I didn’t want to sleep too late with things to do…

I quickly lapsed into a heavy settled sleep – I always sleep much better during the day.

The dream: my mother was back and in the house where I live now, she was as demented as ever.

My youngest sister was there and taunting me.

She took a phone call for me from some man I had met briefly – his name was complicated and different as he was Asian.

She said after taking the call: “Hmmm, maybe ‘I should call him’ – he sounds nice.”

I went to my room upstairs and, my kitchen radio was on the bedside table – blaring loud. Someone had been in there and left the radio on.

My mother was completely weird, she was naked and kept following me around with that unearthly banshee voice of hers – she kept taunting, putting herself right in front of me, rolling on the floor, walking up behind me; she was crazy, what an American would describe as like, mentally retarded.

I kept asking her to stop, to leave me alone, but the more I tried to get away from her, the more she persisted in harassing and provoking reactions out of me.

My sister did the same – my mother was directly influencing her. I went into my room and closed the door to get changed – I was meant to be going out.

Then my mother was in my room – she never came in there when I was changing, but this time she just barged in and wouldn’t leave.

I pushed her out the door, shut it, but there was a whole under the door handle – she stuck her arm through, laughing and taunting.

She kept putting her face right to mind – the way someone does when they want to kiss you, but she was just weird, sometimes sniffing me or rolling at my feet.

I again told her to ‘fucking stop’ but she just calmly said: “Nah…”

I grabbed her nose to push her face away, I pulled her hair – but this is what she wanted, to push me, to try an get an angry reaction.

My sister kept playing weird tricks like, putting another kitchen radio next to the one that was already there on the bedside table – she was naked as well – everyone in this horrid dream was naked.

A man appeared; he was tall, toned and good looking and naked.

He had a lot of body hair and kept doing what my mother was – getting in front of me, he was covered in swet.

I didn’t know who he was, but he too was under my mum’s spell to intimidate, but he was more sexual.

He wasn’t forceful, but almost.

I said to my mum and sister: “what the hell is this, some kind of test, pushing me – using me as some sick experiment?” they laughed, but knew I was on to them.

They were all around me, walking to and fro and I couldn’t get away from them – they wouldn’t get away from me. Sometimes the man was there, but it was mostly my sister and mother.

I couldn’t leave the house.

I almost thought I was awake, but I wasn’t, so I woke myself up to escape.

I thought it was much later in the evening, the dream seem to go on forever – I checked and the watch said 6 35 – it was only just over an hour’s worth of sleep and, I was back in bed with the cat.





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