Changing Directions

Hello and a happy new year from Barriers to Bridges!

We are looking to ‘start afresh’, change directions and consider other opportunities.
Due to not being successful at securing project funding (which was essential for carrying out one-to-one advocacy at no cost to the client) – as well as losing other resources for running the business etc. I, Dawn Sanders, am looking at opportunities in community media – with a view to eventually launching a community magazine.

I will be creating a new forum which will provide space for people from other disadvantaged communities to “have their say” tell their stories, send creative writing or art work – conveying their lives.

So, we are ‘starting more or less from scratch’ and not giving up.

I will still be providing an advocacy service (where it can be funded) and we will continue to look for opportunities for talks and workshops.

However, we will be focussing on finding commited volunteers to help create a working forum and move any media opportunities forward.

Please get in touch if you can help in any way or have suggestions.

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