By Dawn M. Sanders

Yvette Cooper of the Labour party asks: “How can we turn our backs on pictures like these?”

She goes on to describe the stories covered by the media just in the last few days and our reaction in the UK, compared with the rest of Europe on the refugee crisis.

Well, I don’t like or support Cooper’s policies, but at least on this one, she stands in parallel with Jeremy Corbyn’s view in the huge migrant crisis, which has tidal waved the shores of Europe.

It could be understood yet not forgiven, why the Balkan states and poorer economies of Europe are not letting migrants in, yet nothing excuses them being treated like herds of diseased cattle, as Macedonia or Hungary have recently done.

The rich countries, such as Germany and Sweden are taking a much more human approach, so why isn’t Britain, an economic/political powerhouse and strong player within Euro-politics, taking a more pro-active role in sharing in the responsibility of providing refuge for people putting their lives at risk to get to safety and sanctuary?

Simple: our prime minister is a ‘cold fish’ and hell-bent on the brainwashing ideology that, asylum seekers will take our housing and jobs.

As Cooper points out, immigration itself is a different matter, yet it’s directly linked with Cameron’s fear-inducing rhetoric; rhetoric which barely cloaks the cultural prejudice underpinning the steadfast intolerance on such a humanitarian atrocity.

Cooper (as Corbyn did last weekend at his rally speech) points out how the UK provided a safe haven for tens of thousands of Jews during the onslaught of the Second World War – so why the change of approach?

It doesn’t take a degree or political analyst to work it out…

ISIS, the bi-product of the Iraq war, have an educated and resourceful infrastructure; they have crossed borders to take over and terrorise regions – not to mention an impossible lose-lose civil war in Syria, and Cameron wants to “get to the root cause of the problem” with dropping bombs in a continued cycle of puppetting the US?

The Middle East has been a hotbed of conflict, political unrest, ethnic/sectarian tit-for-tatting for decades, long before the arrival of ISIS and their twisted brand of extremism; a multiple/monumental human catastrophe, far outweighing the Holocaust, which let’s not forget, has manifested into what is now the Jewish state of Israel.

Cameron and his neo-liberal/conservatism, is so blinkered by his own ideological short-sightedness of unrealistic immigration targets; intoxicated with the unfounded notion based on paranoia that: immigrants come here to sponge off the NHS, benefits or housing stock, he’s further handicapping the UK from sharing in the responsibility we have within the international ‘community’.

In fact, he has no sense of community when it comes to Europe or at home. Therefore breeding an “everyone for him/herself” individualist mentality at micro level, hence the poison trickle down affect.

I also liked Cooper’s call for communities (at grassroots level) to come together in putting pressure on the Tories to take in refugees in our towns and cities up and down the country

Why should the rest of the nation adopt Cameron’s cold fish politics?

If a ship capsized off the coast in the English Channel and people were drowning, there would be rescue crews and people brought to safety; how could it be okay to ignore the same thing happening to desperate people from the other side of the world, drowning in a different sea?

If it begins to be okay, then we’re losing the ability to care for human beings other than ourselves.