Last Night’s Dream

By Dawn M. Sanders

I always wake up flabbergasted at how vivid and detailed my dreams turn out when I sleep heavily.

A few years ago I finally started writing down my dreams to capture them before they flew out of my head like free spirited fuzzy clouds back out into the outer reaches of the cosmos, but most of my dreams are ‘so bizarre’ they wouldn’t be publishable. Yet for whatever reason, I’ve had a few good dreams lately, again so detailed they’re like segments out of low-budget films, so I guess it stands to reason to put them here.

Picture of white fluffy clouds against blue sky.
White fluffy clouds against a blue sky.

My brain is so active, from the time I wake up and my conscious clicks into gear to when I finally crash at night, with overlapping thought after thought and a constant washing machine affect humming away in the background (usually a song, sound bite from some distant mundane TV blip or even a flashback from the vast array of data stored in my memory vault).  So, of course like anyone, when I sleep and slip beneath the surface of what I can just about control, my subconscious takes over like a lawless conductor of my brain.

So it’s Saturday night/morning and I went to bed at 3-something.

The dream:

I don’t know where I was or how they just appeared, but I met this couple.  Usually when meeting couples, one is more outgoing and the other tends to hang back in a slightly guarded demeanour.  With these 2 though, they were both forthcoming and friendly as if they had known me for a long time.

We decided to share a house together – why I don’t know and they had a lovely 10-year-old boy who, reminded me of my mate’s 10-year-old lad.  He would help with odd jobs around the house.

Outside there was an oblong glass enclosure, a bit like an enclosed bus stop, with nothing but a wooden bench right in the middle of it, where I kept going out to sit and ponder/meditate.

My own beautiful lad Jasper was there as well and also moved into the house.  He was about 13 or 14 and was just about to start at a new special school.

I supported him to wash his hair, then get ready for his first day with nice clothes to wear and a new coat.  A big black cab picked him up and the guy from the couple twosome showed me the way outside where to see Jasper off – he was always helping me out to find my feet and settle into the house.

In the meantime, I had slept on this divan with big cloth cushions and a wooden frame, in a living room of the house and, when I got up from it, it was filthy.  The couple pretended not to be pissed off, but after a harmonious friendship, it was then sullied along with the sofa, I couldn’t figure out why or how the thing had become so dirty.  I was apologetic but, that was it – I came to and woke up.

In some respects, I’ve given up trying to figure out my dreams.  I’ve had dreams which were scary and in fact, one was so bad it was a flaming nightmare and could’ve easily been made into a horror film – that is what it reminded me of a couple of years ago at the time.

Yet other dreams like the one described above, are just the kind of normal stuff straight out of the book of life.

I remember at one point in the dream, I had a meal out with the couple, as we planned getting this house together as they both sat opposite me, but I’m still mildly blown away…