By Dawn M. Sanders

While it has been widely known for decades, the harm to people and the natural environment caused by CO2 emissions, it is easy to forget the less obvious effects of electro-magnetic activity in our atmosphere.  It seems opposition to the roll out of 5G (fifth generation frequency) has taken a flippant approach of ‘baseless conspiracy theory’ by the mainstream media and government for those who dare to question the given narrative that 5G is safe, faster or essential for today’s demands, despite scientific evidence to the contrary.

“We are threatened with a full-on technocratic tyranny which takes away our individual freedoms.  We are only in the early stages of medical martial law.” Lucy Wyatt

Picture of 5g Mast
5g Mast near Exeter, Supplied by Jacqueline Kerah

Despite resistance to descent, there is a wealth of in-depth research to support and validate the harmful effects of this highly increased Electromagnetic frequency (EMF) giving credence to a more balanced and informing discussion than is currently allowed. In presenting years of researched evidence by experts within the field of microwave warfare, scientists and a wealth of case studies, this article will seek to provide a balanced debate surrounding 5G and related unseen harmful hazards to both the natural environment and humans.

 Historic Overview

Barrie Trower, 75, residing near Newton Abbot, Devon, is a research physicist, has studied all aspects of microwave warfare over several decades.  He holds a teaching qualification in Human Physiology, has lectured internationally and authored the Tetra Report  for the Police Federation of England and Wales. He details the early beginnings of microwave warfare, from 1939, when it was used in World War II for radar.  By 1949-56 with the onslaught of the Cold War between the Soviet Union and America, both adversaries had discovered microwaves could be used to alter brain activity, cause birth defects and organ failure.  Trower tells the story of, through a hidden transmitter within a good will plaque to Americans based in Moscow, Soviets gathered intelligence and spied on US diplomats with undetectable microwaves. Trower said: “to date, the American embassy in Moscow, has the largest concentration of cancers and deaths from low-level microwave radiation, per capita, per population in the world.”

In 1953 a German engineer called Herman P. Schwan, devised what he considered a danger level for microwaves, based on how warm the microwaves made a body feel.  He said people should have No more than 1 KG of the body heated by 1 degree for an hour. In 1965, Trower informs, the military, communications industry and NATO countries wanted a level to adhere to, to avoid liability.  They decided to adopt the Schwan recommendation, which is adhered to by the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). However, an entire field of scientists, bio physicists and researchers assert what ICNIRP ignores, if you do not warm up skin tissue from outside the body where our heat sensors sit, for more than 6 minutes, as is demonstrated by the thermal model, microwaves are deemed safe.  What ICNIRP bypasses, is what hundreds of scientists and doctors argue which is, radiation works from the inside out, is accumulative, thus the heat or harm from radiation is not experienced externally.

Trower points out, by 1971 what is now known as 5G was present and used to punish dissidents, such as the women at Greenham Common in later years. Trower sourced a now declassified letter of warning from March 1976 from the US: “To all nations of the west, in the investment of exposure standards, there could be unfavourable effects in industrial and military function…  We cannot be strict with exposure standards, otherwise the cell phone and mobile industry would not be able to operate.”  Three years prior to this, in 1973 there was a gathering of researchers into the effects of microwaves on humans  in Warsaw, Poland.  What resulted from the symposium, was a cover-up by the World Health Organisation (WHO) favouring industry over public health, explains Olga Sheean, formerly with the WHO, having studied multiple disciplines and experiences EMF hyper-sensitivity. The WHO by contrast, asserts there is no risk from EMF’s and acknowledges minimal affects.

People and Planet

In Captain Jerry G. Flynn’s recent book, ‘Hidden Dangers’ (ISBN: 978-1-7753945-1-8) There are countless case studies, reinforced by long and short coded websites to document transient internet information. From schools to hospitals, apartment blocks to business complexes, the damage caused to human health was consistent with cellular transmitters being placed in populated areas. Examples documented over several years, in several countries, ranged from multiple cancers, record numbers of brain tumours, varied severe health conditions to deaths. Chapter 9 of Flynn’s text, also points out in 1996 non-state actors, such as the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the US were licenced to bypass government regulation via the Telecommunications Act, enabling the industry to place cell towers wherever they wanted.

An array of doctors and scientific studies, such as Martin L. Pall and Barrie Trower point out, humans are electric beings. Within our bodies, we have circadian resonant natural frequencies (cellular cogs) which regulate rhythmic activities, hormones, antibodies or enzymes.

John Kitson, a candidate for Totnes, Devon, who stood for parliament  in the UK’s last general election, sadly lost his mother to a tumour resulting from use of a wireless phone – prompting him to become active in researching the effects of 5G.  The fruits of his campaigning were a moratorium passed by the town to halt the rollout until further research was conducted into its harmful effects.Kitson pointed out how ICNIRP passes advice down to governments, in the UK, Public Health England (PHE) is the government body which advises councils in a trickle down scenario. PHE declined an interview for this article but passed on their guidelines which draw directly from ICNIRP. Yet doctors and the international scientific community, argue ICNRIP’s research is out of date, they are an independent body, as there are no scientists at their core.

Kitson said: “5G incorporates 1G, 2G, 3G and 4G – one of the main traits of 5G is densification – meaning much more antennae all over our streets, everywhere including large masts going up in the countryside.” These sentiments are echoed in Sacha Stone’s film 5G Apocalypse, which expands on how 4G was the coming together of each frequency, coupled with varied pulses of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR). The worrying dynamic of 5G, is the element of advanced military technology, with its 1 hundred times greater intensity. The film, a collective of doctors, scientists and physiologists emphasises the complexity of the electro-magnetic fields within the body and how artificial EMR’s or RF’s interfere with our natural electrodes – creating a build-up of invasive radiation which, eventually will be used for thought or behaviour control in tandem with surveillance technology.

Trower points out how, mature trees interfere with the signals generated by EMF’s. So what has been witnessed in recent years is mass initiatives to cut down trees, both up and down the country or internationally, (see item 3 of the preceding link). Reasons given for tree felling range from Ash Die Back disease to the full-scale Streets Ahead Scheme in Sheffield which, at the time coincided with the role out of 4G. A spokesman from Amey, the company contracted with Sheffield local authority, said he wasn’t aware of any tree-felling scheme and advised only contractors would know of such arrangements, as their main functions were sanitation and roads. Gareth Elliott, head of policy communications at Mobile UK, trade body representing the four main mobile companies, said trees might be cut back, but that any phone masts were placed above the treeline. Trower also points out the significance of trees within the eco-system. Leaves falling from trees nourish micro-organisms in streams and rivers – ultimately helping create fish populations in the sea. As mature trees are known for sustaining CO2 emissions and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, they also help cloud formation.  Therefore, removal of trees will cause drought, hasten climate change and deplete water levels.

As the biochemistry in humans is a complex system of electrodes, it could be said the earth is a macro version, with its own natural electro-magnetic field. The Schuman Resonance is used by all life on earth, be it plants, animals, or humans to navigate or sustain natural habitats. Humans have a particular connection with what is often described as the earth’s heartbeat and the pulses resonating with our own brain activity. As the Lanset Journal on Planetary Electromagnetic Pollution, documents when people and the natural environment are continuously bombarded with artificial EMR’S microwaves and various pulses, both internally and externally, damage and death to living things will result in ultimate annihilation.

Covid-19, Surveillance and Differing Views

As Rachel Humphreys, The Guardian’s Today In Focus podcast presenter points out, 5G masts, as with previous generations of EMFs, have been met with sabotage. The perceived conspiracy theory hinges on links with the Covid-19 pandemic. Even by broadly trusted media sources, the given narrative is taken without question, as Jim Waterson, Media Editor for the Guardian, asserts in the above podcast, citing ICNIRP as the first and last on safety measures and misinformation to links with Covid-19. Likewise, the BBC, the Independent and the Press Gazette have all simultaneously chimed “crackpot” to any claims of harm caused by the latest rollout of higher frequency radiation.

PHE have supplied the following statement:

“Dr Simon Mann, Head of PHE’s Radiation Dosimetry Department, said: “HE is aware of media stories suggesting a link between COVID-19 and 5G radio wave exposure but there is no plausible mechanism that would explain such a relationship.”

In July, 2019, Martin Pall describes crises, such as what is now Covid-19.  He cites statistics of decreasing reproduction in highly populated countries, such as Singapore with a 31% decrease or South Korea with a 11% reduction between 2015-2017, respectively. As the race to rollout 5G in China gathered pace to cement emerging superpower status, overcrowded conditions of a market with livestock, perpetuated the epicentre for the anticipated   pandemic.  As pointed out by Dame Jane Goodall, an internationally renowned conservationist. In her interview with channel 4’s Alex Thompson, she described human intent on destroying the natural environment and its inhabitants.

The general consensus throughout the scientific community is, while a viral bug is not contained within frequencies, heightened frequencies destroy structures and immune systems of all living things within its path. Dr Pall stressed, with the intensification of 4G and now 5G rollouts, as the pulses are fast and immense, the pace of its effects on health and loss of life will increase.

Elliott, on behalf of the mobile industry echoed PHE’s statement:

“Research based on international scientists, after decades of looking into the effects of mobile signals deemed safe, with guidelines set internationally and adhered to at local level, in England through PHE they are deemed conservative.  Ofcom recently tested 5g signals put out under current emissions.  If you take 100% those emissions at 0.039 percent, 5G works within a fraction of the guidelines.”

He emphasised how wi-fi within homes or TV spectrum was higher than 5G – the densification of, or marrying with, 4G and previous existing frequencies was not mentioned. He stressed the benefits of 5G for emergency services in particularly rural areas, strong connectivity, pinpointing a fire or trouble spot via video, heat detecting people fallen into the sea, for example.

While government scientists envisage further surges of the pandemic, the mainstream media are bypassing the effects of the 5G rollout and subsequent Covid-19. Perhaps in anticipation of the opportunity, voices in the main trajectory of industry are citing Covid-19 as a catalyst for: smart emergency services; increased dependency on high tech medical equipment in hospitals; escalating online activity in line with social isolating – all demanding enhanced frequencies.

Lucy Wyatt, a researcher and campaigner for the Southwest branch of Action Against 5G, in West Somerset, gave evidence to her county council’s scrutiny committee. Wyatt shines a light on surveillance, the link between 5G and the pandemic:

“The full consequences of the Covid-19 crisis cannot be implemented – in terms of track and trace or immunity certification, without the technology. We are threatened with a full-on technocratic tyranny which takes away our individual freedoms.  We are only in the early stages of medical martial law.”

Given the above statement, one can join the dots in glimpsing a panoramic picture of the blueprint being drawn up for the future of our world.

Dr Magda Havas provides a comprehensive analysis and data to highlight how exposure to 5G exacerbates Covid-19 symptoms.

With today’s technology, populations have never had it so good.  Whether the instant gratification of a selfie; a toddler’s entertaining colour game; assistive technology for visually impaired people; precision drones in warfare, artificial intelligence (AI) to innovations in medical treatment – the World Economic Forum brings together all of the positive ways in which 5G will lead nations and their citizens in a planned Fourth Industrial Revolution Network. Yet, do the benefits outweigh the harm threatening human and environmental health?

Doctors and researchers such as Rashid A. Buttar, Eamon Holmes and John Kitson’s 5g awareness website have all been silenced or sabotaged when attempting to inform the public of the wealth of documentation supporting the dangers of 5G. The simple question within an international scientific community and chorus of objectors is:  if this enhanced technology of stealth densified, ultra-intensified, collective of frequencies is thoroughly researched and safe – why are informed individuals being silenced? The wealth of research, classified dossiers, scientific input and years of collective data, within this article is a microcosm of the thousands of peer papers, written and spoken on, cautioning the dangers of multiple radiations and frequencies in all their forms.

Mr. Trower, Dr Pall and Ms. Wyatt’s invaluable knowledge emphasise how there is a better way.  We can have everything at our fingertips: through safe technology such as hard wired systems; fibre optics; synchronisation or infrared. Yet, as Dr Pall articulates, the research and investment in safer alternatives to technology, by governments and industry are not being implemented, with irreversible consequences, as nations covertly wage silent war on their citizens.


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